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From the looks of one video that is circulating around the blogosphere, it appears that Ari Douglas, a legal observer at Occupy Wall Street was run over by a police scooter. We see a police officer drive forward, then hear screaming a few seconds later. The camera pans over to a man who is writhing on the ground and screaming. His legs appear to be under the scooter. Looks like Kent State has come to Wall Street.


Or not. Verum Serum breaks down the video, second by second, proving that this man wasn't run over, but stuck his feet under the scooter and kicked it over. So far, Joe Marino of the New York Daily News and even the New York Times are saying that he faked it as well. Talking to Keith Olbermann, Douglas' attorney notes that he had to go to the hospital...for his face. Awkward.

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