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Harry Reid Blames Tea Party For Pending Shutdown; Update: Kyl's Response

Just hours away from a government shutdown, Harry Reid took the floor to accuse Tea Partiers of wanting to deny health services to women. Reid repeated his talking points
from two days ago, saying that Republicans, nudged by the Tea Party would welcome a shutdown if it meant an opportunity to deny healthcare access.

Sound like reference to Planned Parenthood to you?

"Now the tea party among others, they are the biggest push, is trying to push its extreme social agenda, issues that have nothing to do with funding the bill."

"Republicans want to shut down the government because they think there's nothing more important than keeping women from getting cancer screenings. This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged."

"The Republicans are asking me to sacrifice women's health across the country...I'm not going to do that."

Update: Senator Jon Kyl's response to Harry Reid: you would shut down the government to protect Planned Parenthood.

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