CSPI Loses a Lawsuit

Posted: Jan 13, 2011 1:55 PM
A Center for Science in the Public Interest-backed lawsuit was laid to rest after a New Jersey appeals court ruled that it was without merit.

Nick DeBenedetto sued Denny's, claiming that the restaurant didn't do enough to warn consumers that their food contains a lot of salt. Fortunately, the court didn't see it that way:
"Neither plaintiff nor the putative class he claimed to represent asserted any physical injury or harm as the result of defendant's failure to disclose the sodium content," the court wrote.
DeBenedetto's usual meal contained 215 times the advised daily limit of sodium. In his complaint, he wrote that, "Not one single Denny's meal contains less than 500 mg of sodium".

Score one for freedom and personal responsibility. You heard it here first.