Truckers Plan to Block Up the Capital Beltway in Protest

Posted: Oct 08, 2013 4:52 PM

A group of truck drivers known as Truckers Ride for the Constitution is threatening to shut down traffic around the nation’s capital. This caravan of truck drivers is looking to shut down traffic on the beltway as a weird protest of things that are “destroying America”. The group wants to attract as many participants as possible for their demonstration that is supposed to start Friday.

According to the group’s Facebook page, which has 57,000 “likes” as of this morning, “Truck drivers will not haul freight!...Truckers will lead the path to saving our country if every American rides with them!”

In a report from The Hill, the truckers seem to have 3 main complaints. They list wages, gas prices and federal regulations on their industry as their main motivation. The main issue with the group at this point is their lack of consistency. Different members are saying different things.

One man who claimed to speak for the group said they planned to arrest members of Congress who have “violated their oath of office”. But then when another trucker made a statement, it completely contradicted what the other man had to say. This man said there would be no arresting of Congressmen and that this protest would solely be peaceful.

At this point it is hard to say whether the protest will actually happen. It seems that there is still some major organizing that needs to happen in order for this to be effective. What we do know, is government shutdown or not, Washington traffic on the Capital Beltway will be out of control if this protest happens. There is simply no way people could get to work when 3 lanes of traffic are being blocked by angry truck drivers.

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