Cory Booker's Lead Cut in Half in the Last Week

Posted: Oct 01, 2013 2:45 PM
Cory Booker's Lead Cut in Half in the Last Week

Is there trouble on the horizon for Cory Booker’s senate campaign? Well as much as one might hope, it looks like the latest polling data is not enough to shake up the current standings in the race. According to internal polling conducted by New Jersey senatorial candidate Steve Lonegan’s campaign, Cory Booker leads the race by 6 points.

Just last week a Quinnipiac poll showed Booker up by 12 points and even that poll was considered a big move for Lonegan. Most other polling in the last month had Booker up by over 20 points. So it seems clear that as the election nears, Lonegan continues to make headway.

As another point of interest, these polling numbers also showed Booker’s negative numbers inching up.

“Booker is 37-27 net favorable, a major shift from the 42-18 numbers he held two weeks ago,” a memo from pollsters to the campaign reads. Nonetheless, the pollsters find significant advantages for the celebrity mayor, who, they note, is “still getting a significant share of the suburban and Republican vote.”

Although Booker still has a very clear lead in the race, perhaps Lonegan still has a chance to make some changes. But what we know for sure is that if Lonegan wants to win this race he has a lot of work to do.