For Every Job Created by Obama, 2 Americans Enroll in Food Stamps

Posted: Jul 24, 2013 7:30 PM

Well I guess we all missed it: President Obama has gotten us out of the recession! Oh wait, but that’s not true at all.

In his press conference on Monday, Jay Carney said the Obama administration has pulled the nation out of the “Great Recession” with the creation of 7.2 million private sector jobs. But there are a few things that Mr. Carney forgot to mention along with this statistic.

Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama's presidency, 9.5 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force. Nearly 90 million Americans are not working today!

That means that 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one job the administration claims to have created.

There are 15 million more Americans on food stamps today than when Obama assumed office.

At the end of January 2009, 32,204,859 Americans received aid from the Supplemental Nutrition

Assistance Program. As of April 2013, there were 47,548,694 Americans on food stamps.

That means that more than two Americans have been added to the food stamp rolls for every one job the administration says it has created.

Under Obama, 1.6 million more Americans are collecting disability insurance. In February 2009, 9,334,369 Americans received disability payments. Today, that number is 10,953,733.

What the president and his administration seem to forget is that just because there are new jobs in the market, does not mean that the problems have been solved! When more and more Americans are relying on government assistance, there is clearly still an issue. Until President Obama realizes that this country was created with liberty in mind, he will continue to flaunt these numbers around like they are proof of success.