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AP Photo/Cedar Attanasio

A follow-up to Friday's piece, which goes into much deeper detail on the latest border crisis statistics.  In that post, I discuss the issue of 'got-aways,' and why that group of illegal immigrants represents a troubling public safety and national security issue:  "It stands to reason, and law enforcement officials confirm, that those who try to avoid detection and apprehension are more likely to pose public safety or national security threats.  These individuals often pay larger sums of money to the drug cartels that control the flow of humans across the border."  I often hasten to add that the vast majority of unlawful migrants merely want to improve their lives and earn a living in the greatest country in the world.  That's an understandable desire, even as it doesn't justify violations of our immigration laws.  

But there are also bad and dangerous people seeking to enter the United States, with bad intentions, and they eagerly exploit the chaotic crush at the border as a means of slipping through the cracks.  When the memo goes out about how to get into the US, people adjust accordingly:

Every single time awful numbers are released regarding illegal migrant encounters, seized weapons and drugs, or arrested criminals, some people try to cite those developments as "proof" that the border is actually under control after all.  See, if the border were open -- like these lying Republicans claim -- none of this would have been interdicted.  It's facile nonsense.  The border is not completely open or unguarded.  The feds have their hands tied by atrocious Biden administration policies, but Customs and Border Patrol has not been abolished.  And the government of Texas is doing its part, too.  But American authorities are overwhelmed.  That's the problem.  And that's why arguments like this fail so utterly:

The magnet is on.  Many, many more people are coming to the United States illegally.  With much more effort and resources being devoted to processing the massive influx of people who want to get caught -- with the (reasonable) hope of getting released into the country -- far less manpower is assigned to patrolling the border and stopping people who are trying to evade capture.  I responded to the above tweet:  "More than 50,000 *known* got-aways entered the US last month alone, plus an unknowable number of unknown got-aways. The more dangerous the person, the likelier he is to pay extra to the cartels to avoid capture. The border is not fully open, but it’s not remotely under control."  Fifty potential terrorists were captured of the ones we know about.  And the staggering numbers of known and unknown got-aways continue to pile up:

In addition to this, there's an unknowable number of other got-aways who were not detected at all.  How many of these hundreds of thousands of people are criminals, cartel members, traffickers of fentanyl or human beings, or terrorists?  What number would be acceptable to the "this is fine" crowd?  The claim is not that there is zero enforcement at the border.  The claim, backed up by reams of evidence, is that the government lacks operational control of the border, and that malign forces are taking full advantage.  I'll leave you with this, in light of the GOP's upset victory in a long-held Democratic district at the border last week:

The identitarians have already started (selectively) writing Asian-Americans out of the 'people of color' category for ideological and political reasons, so it's not surprising that other demographic groups who fail to vote "properly" will get the inane 'white supremacy' treatment, too.  Keep it up, gang.



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