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Watch: A Moving Tribute to Biden's Disinfo-Hunting 'Woke Mary Poppins'

I'm sure each and every Townhall reader was as devastated as I was upon learning about the apparent demise of the Biden administration's Ministry of Truth.  An immediate and universal thought inevitably arose in the minds of the concerned: What will become of the board's fearless leader, Sweet Nina, known in some quarters as Woke Mary Poppins?  As I note in the clip below, I'm not sure this development is all bad news for her, as she'll have much more free time to audition for off-off-off-Broadway/community theater productions.  She can also continue to pursue her passion for rooting out the 'true' sources of misinformation and disinformation in her spare time, not terribly unlike OJ's brave and relentless search for the real killer.  Nevertheless, yesterday was a dark day indeed.  And thus, I paid tribute to both Sweet Nina and the marvelously self-unaware journactivist who spun this CNN+esque collapse as a triumph of right-wing misinformation in the pages of the Washington Post.  This moving segment is best enjoyed in a warm bath, candles lit, with Sarah McLachlan playing softly in the background.  RIP, Misinformation Board (for now).  I will remember you.  First, a small taste, not for the faint of heart:


And, here, the complete, tear-jerking tribute, if you can bear to endure it:

Take a moment to recover and wipe away tears, then take in this round-up of correct reactions to this whole saga, with some of the points folded into the video above:

The first sentence of the Post passage highlighted by York is self-unawareness-gold-medal-level content, as it almost perfectly describes the author's own "beat" and business model.  I'll leave you with a point I made about Sweet Nina -- pre-plug-pulling -- on Gutfeld! last week (Greg, Kat, and company are crushing it in the ratings), describing why Team Biden placing such a cartoon character in charge of this menace of an organization was actually an inadvertent favor to the country:


Next time, they may not be quite so hilariously foolish.  This one was something of a fish-in-barrel freebie.  Vigilance.

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