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Democrats' Pro-Choice Caucus: 'Choice' Is Now Harmful Language, and Don't Say Abortions Should Be Rare

AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

This reminds me of the recent spectacle in which a call for renaming the supposedly problematic name of George Washington University was published in...the, um, Washington Post.  Here we have the Congressional pro-choice caucus -- that's their name -- issuing abortion messaging guidance to their colleagues warning against using the word 'choice.'  That's "harmful language," you see.  Far better is "decision," for some inexplicable reason.  'Choice' was the preferred euphemism for abortion for many years, and leftists are still arguing amongst themselves about whether to say the A-word.  But now 'choice' is too harmful, or whatever, so it's onto the next euphemism.  It's almost as if marketing isn't the fundamental problem when it comes to elective abortion-on-demand:


Note the explicit erasure of Bill Clinton's 'safe, legal, rare' formulation, wherein 'rare' gets the boot.  And saying that reducing abortions is a goal has also been relegated to 'harmful' status.  These people should just call themselves what they are: The pro-abortion caucus, which basically encompasses the entire national Democratic party at this point.  Exactly two Democrats -- one in each house -- opposed the insane abortion-up-to-birth bill that failed in the Senate this week.  The other 267 all supported that gruesome measure, which invalidates all state-level limitations on abortion.  Millions of Americans who oppose blanket abortion bans consider themselves pro-choice, yet support significant restrictions on the practice after a certain point of pregnancy.  Congressional Democrats are so far gone that their internal messaging memos now admonish against the word choice itself, as well as any hint that abortion is anything less than a celebration-worthy event.  The word 'radical' gets overused in our politics, but it very much fits in this context.  It's sickening, actually  And to put into perspective just how radically out-of-touch Democrats are on this issue, here's yet another batch of polling data illustrating that point:


Other recent surveys show majorities in favor of various abortion restrictions, some of which aren't even as limiting as mainstream laws in Europe.  For the pro-abortion crowd, two-thirds of women, including a lot of moderately pro-choice women are misogynists.  I'd say anti-choice misogynists, the familiar slur, but I'm not sure they're going to say 'choice' at all anymore.  Apparently, the only people as fanatical about abortion as Congressional Democrats and the abortion lobby itself are journalists:

And sometimes Democrats are so accustomed to being catered to, especially on this issue, when they're confronted with a basic question about legislation they're supporting, they treat the content of the bill as if it's an irrelevant afterthought.  Or maybe Sen. Hirono is even more dim-witted than previously known:


We also know that math isn't exactly Sen. Warren's specialty, but you'd think she'd have a slightly better grasp on how the Senate works by now:

The Democrats' unlimited abortion bill failed to get a majority of Senators' support, and polling shows its provisions similarly have nowhere near majority support among the public.  But since she's going on about the filibuster again, I'll remind her that she has used that very tool to block majority-supported (both in the Senate and in the country) abortion limitation bills in the recent past.  This clip from The View distills one element of this whole discussion.  With all due respect to Whoopi and her famously deep thinking about abortion, the life of the child, and when it deserves protection, is the entire point of the abortion debate:

I'll leave you with some disturbing but revealing comments in defense of abortion this week:


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