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AP Photo/Denis Poroy

"Beginning," eh? This might have been a self-aware thing to articulate back in, say, November 2020, when a Los Angeles Supervisor voted to ban outdoor dining – then was promptly caught dining al fresco at an area restaurant herself. Remember, this is the same Los Angeles that has been requiring outdoor masking for school children this month. 

This is the policy as of today: 

Tired of masks? If you're vaccinated in California, as of Wednesday, you won't need to wear them inside anymore -- with a few notable exceptions. The statewide indoor mask mandate is dropping Wednesday for vaccinated individuals. But that change won't apply to teachers or students in California public schools, or to those in counties with their own set of mask rules. The indoor mask mandate in schools applies until at least the end of February, when health officials say they will reevaluate the practice...Masks in schools has been a contentious topic for some parents and students, who are frustrated by the delay in dropping the masks in schools. That frustration increased after visitors to Super Bowl LVI in SoFi Stadium on Sunday were shown to be, for the most part, maskless while they celebrated, despite the outdoor mask requirement still in effect and stadium's gift of a free KN95 to every attendee of the big game...On Tuesday, LA County Public Health announced it was lifting the outdoor mask mandate at 12:01 a.m. Wednesday.

Mask mandates are relaxed as of this morning, with the exception of schools, of course. Kids are at the lowest risk of developing severe COVID or dying out of any demographic group in existence – and mask requirements have proven utterly useless in schools – so naturally, kids in schools will still be required to mask up for no reason. Here's the latest illustration of that data-based phenomenon: 

But hey, at least the even less scientifically-justifiable outdoor mask rule has been suspended in LA. It's madness, made all the more obviously so by the city's Super Bowl spectacle, during which adults did whatever they wanted – including Mayor Breath-holder himself. It's a sick joke at this point, and at least one public official in Los Angeles is just now starting to realize it

This feels like the captain of the Titanic finding himself neck-deep in frigid water and exclaiming, "Why, I think we might have a problem here!" During that famous maritime disaster, children's safety was prioritized. In progressive enclaves during this pandemic, consideration of children's well-being consistently comes in dead last. It's cruel, and it's anti-science

Among the neurotic, superstitious, fake "Science" fetishists, it increasingly appears as though cruelty is the point when it comes to forcibly masking kids. We're seeing it from leftists, from coast to coast

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Republican legislators, and a small handful of Virginia Senate Democrats, that Fairfax union boss won't be able to cite pointless case rate thresholds to justify harmful masking of children any longer. Parental choice will soon become the law throughout the Commonwealth. I'll leave you with another infuriating scene, featuring Prince Harry – last heard from expressing "concerns" about "misinformation" in the left's Joe Rogan pile-on – enjoying his very own special, unmasked moment with the Vince Lombardi trophy. Rules are for the littlest people only: 

Parting thought: Do you think Gov. Gavin Newsom is worried about his approval rating falling to even? I don't. He knows full well that he can do whatever he wants and still win elections by massive margins because Californians will vote for anything in the (D) column. It's good to be king. Or queen: 


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