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Reports: Biden Worried Immigration Crisis Will Boost GOP

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Late last week, the news broke that June's southern border apprehensions were even worse than May's, further confirming that the Democrat-caused illegal immigration crisis is real and deepening.  Nearly 189,000 unlawful entrants were detained at the border last month, per Customs and Border Protection data, bringing the fiscal year total up to north of one million.  One million.  That figure does not count tens of thousands of known 'got aways' who enter the US on a monthly basis without being stopped. The Biden administration has refused to even acknowledge the existence of this crisis, with its Homeland Security Secretary asserting that the border is closed and secure.  The administration, led by point person Vice President Kamala Harris, also insists that the strategy of addressing "root causes" in places like Guatemala is sound.  We've previously noted that a growing number of illegal immigrants from nations other than the 'big four' (Mexico and the northern triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) are being apprehended, totaling in the tens of thousands each month.  That trend, which exposes the folly of bogus "root cause"-driven policy, escalated in June:


Meanwhile, per the Washington Post, President Biden is concerned that the ongoing immigration disaster over which he's presiding -- and which his policies and rhetoric have caused -- could help Republicans politically:

"The huge increase in illegal border crossings that President Biden described as 'seasonal' is growing larger despite the summer heat," the story reports.  Bear with me, but here's a thought: He could, as the most powerful person on the planet, finally concede that there's a crisis underway, un-reverse successful Trump-era policies, and get serious about defending US sovereignty.  He's not a bystander.  He's the person with literally more authority than anyone else to change the unacceptable and deteriorating status quo.  Instead, he's doing things like forcing out CBP leaders who take their job seriously and announcing additional crimes for which illegal immigrants will not be deported from the United States.  Why?   Because much of his party and base, drifting ever closer to full open borders insanity, demands less enforcement.  House Democrats recently introduced a spending proposal that would slash border and interior enforcement funding -- one of the only areas where Democrats can evidently stomach budget reductions, along with the police and military.  And then there's this:


In recent weeks, progressive Democrats have ratcheted up their pressure on Mr. Biden to end the use of a Trump-era public health rule that suspends asylum rights in the name of protecting Americans from the coronavirus, calling it an inhumane and unnecessary pandemic-era restriction...So far, the public health rule — imposed last year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention using what is known as Title 42 authority — has given Mr. Biden’s administration additional time to prepare to deal with larger numbers of migrants in the future. But activists say the surge at the border means that the administration is unfairly denying asylum rights to tens of thousands of migrants each month...Ending use of the rule might satisfy critics in Mr. Biden’s own party, but it could also lead to new scenes of crowded, unsafe Border Patrol stations and fuel conservative talking points before the midterm elections in 2022.

They want to incentivize even more illegal immigration (many asylum claims are dubious and rejected), while Team Biden seems most forceful in sending the "not welcome" message to...Cubans, who would represent actual refugees fleeing from bona fide government oppression.  Here's an update on that score, plus news on the legal battle over DACA:


I'll leave you with this observation about Biden's alleged moderation from Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace:

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