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AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

For weeks, I've argued that even as a critical mass of New York Democrats publicly called on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign, I didn't expect him to go anywhere. He's as shameless as they come, and the new move in politics is to simply wait out a scandal – or two, in Cuomo's case – until people get bored and move on. Even as more outrageous details have emerged about Cuomo's conduct, including about his infuriating book project, he remains in power. Proceedings and investigations against him are underway, but certain signs suggest that his strategy is working. Some New York Democrats who joined the parade of resignation calls, which were often tied more to sexual harassment allegations than his lethal nursing home deaths scandal and multi-pronged cover-up appear to be reconciling themselves to a future in which Cuomo maintains his grip on power: 


It was major news when Andrea Stewart-Cousins said in March that Governor Andrew Cuomo no longer should lead the state. So it was a bit of a surprise Wednesday when Cousins showed up with Cuomo at an event in Yonkers, which is in the senator’s district. “Thank you. Thank you very much, governor,” she said at the event...“The majority leader got mugged on camera,” said Alexis Grenell, a political consultant. “She decided to take a bullet for her constituents rather than let the governor hold up resources at her expense. Because she is a decent public servant. Her position is unchanged, which is something she reiterated.”

Excuse me, but if the Senate leader believed that the governor would withhold resources as a form of retribution, on top of everything else he's done, wouldn't that be an argument for fast-tracking impeachment? As opposed to showing up alongside him at an event and thanking him? Meanwhile, here's New York City Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang: 


The state would be better off without Cuomo, but he sure would accept that Cuomo endorsement, were it forthcoming. Nice. Part of Cuomo's strategy, it seems, is to avoid media accountability and severely restrict scenarios under which he could be asked uncomfortable questions and provide oxygen to the scandals. This was earlier in April: 

Governor Andrew Cuomo held two more events today, but in neither case was the media allowed anywhere near him. The governor has repeatedly cited COVID-19 as the reason that reporters can’t be allowed in the same room with him, no matter how big that room might be. The governor has been staging appearances at vaccination sites on a fairly regular basis and he is always surrounded by supporters at those events. There’s no media allowed – reporters can’t ask questions about vaccinations or the multiple scandals swirling around the governor. The 20 or 30 supporters who stand behind the governor are rapid tested, but why couldn’t it be the same for the media?

We all know why. And he's avoiding the virtual non-in-person questions, too: 


Utterly shameless...and working. I'll leave you with this, via Janice Dean: 

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