Woke and Broke: Despite the Company's Posturing, Portland Rioters Destroy Nike Store

Posted: Apr 19, 2021 1:06 PM

The hits keep coming for Nike, literally and figuratively. Last week, we told you about how the sneaker giant had sparked a backlash among Chinese consumers, in spite of the company's appalling pandering to the regime, on both Hong Kong and egregious human rights abuses in Xinjiang. The CCP's subjects are instead flocking to "patriotic" Chinese brands who are celebrating the forced labor of minorities.

Similarly, here at home, despite Nike's aggressive woke preening – including paying out hefty indulgences to anti-American agitator Colin Kaepernick and other groups – rioters declined to spare the company's store in Portland, Oregon: 

Maybe Kaepernick needs to veto some more pro-America merchandise and get a raise. That video was captured by Andy Ngo, who has written a book on Antifa. Antifa has, of course, used intimidation tactics to try to bully bookstores into not selling it. They've also made many threats against Ngo, a person of color and member of the LGBT community, having already sent him to the hospital in the past. Antifa threats against journalists who cover their crimes are nothing new, as our colleague Julio Rosas knows firsthand: 

This is unacceptable. And it's not an "idea" that's wreaking havoc and threatening journalists. It's people – members of far-left Antifa groups – who are dangerous criminals and must be held accountable. In light of the sort of destruction we've seen from riots over the last year, I wonder what, precisely, Rep. Maxine Waters has in mind when she demands that "protesters" become "more confrontational" if the George Floyd verdict doesn't go the way she wants it to: 

Will this powerful committee chairwoman be asked about her comments whipping up the mob, bordering on incitement? She's done it before, of course, with no repercussions. Or will she be shielded by her partisan affiliation and identity status? I'll leave you with my message for another Democratic lawmaker who has said false and inflammatory things on this subject, attacking Republicans over police reform. She's expecting her followers to forget this episode, in which she took part: