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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I alluded to this story yesterday but figured it's worth circling back to because President Trump is getting grief from the usual suspects, even for sensible policies that make sense. Too many of the people demanding that Trump stop thinking about politics cannot stop thinking about politics. And they're evidently wrong in this critique. Here's Dr. Anthony Fauci -- credible as can be -- stating that contrary to some bipartisan skeptics, the new European travel changes are a good and helpful idea:


The UK exception is a bit strange, however, given that one of their health ministers just tested positive for the virus, and official cases are mounting rapidly. In case you missed it yesterday, check out the trajectories:

The biggest scandal in terms of the US response has been a totally shambolic and disastrous testing regime, marred by incompetence, delays and "glitches." It will cost lives. Meanwhile, it's certainly attention-grabbing when world leaders are suddenly announcing personal precautions and self-quarantines:


And it very much looks like the president of the United States has at least been exposed:

There's no need for further speculation on this point, and I'll remind you that exposure does not necessarily mean infection -- and that infection very often does not mean noticeable or bad symptoms (which is a double-edged sword because largely asymptomatic carriers can unwittingly infect others). I'm all for leaders not fueling unnecessary panic, but this is...not good. I'll leave you with some shameless Chinese deflection/propaganda, and some useful, practical news:


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