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Frightening Video: Terrorist Rocket Explodes on Israeli Highway in Broad Daylight

The citizens of Israel are under siege from terrorists who are indiscriminately firing rockets into the country, hoping to murder civilians.  The barrage comes in response to the Israeli military's pinpoint-accurate strike against a senior Islamic Jihad militant, who was targeted and killed today.  The Wall Street Journal reports some of the details:


Israel’s military killed a senior leader of the second-largest militant group in Gaza on Tuesday, prompting fighters in the Palestinian enclave to fire at least 160 rockets into Israel that set off sirens and forced people into bomb shelters across the country. Israel’s military said it killed Baha Abu Al-Ata, senior leader of the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic, in a targeted airstrike. It accused the militant commander of orchestrating numerous rocket attacks against Israel in recent months and of planning another imminent attack. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described Mr. Abu Al-Ata as “a ticking bomb” who threatened Israeli civilians, while speaking to reporters at Israel’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv...Israeli authorities said schools and nonessential work across southern Israel and the Tel Aviv region were suspended after rockets reached the area. Israeli medical authorities said they treated at least 39 people: 20 injured from running to bomb shelters, including an 8-year-old girl in critical condition, 17 suffering from shock, and one injured by shrapnel.

An extraordinary detail from AFP underscores the lengths to which Israel went to limit the collateral damage from its strike, as well as the quality of its intelligence into the liquidated terrorist's specific whereabouts:


The initial Israeli raid in the early hours of Tuesday, thought to have been carried out by a drone, killed Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu Al-Ata, 42. Islamic Jihad confirmed his death along with that of his wife....Nadav Argaman, the head of Israeli domestic security agency Shin Bet, which took part in the targeted strike, said the operation "allowed us to reach the level of the bed in which he slept, the small room in which he lived, in which he hid."

No civilians have been killed in this round of attacks, but it hasn't been for lack of trying.  Frightening:

The successful Israeli operation triggered furious responses from the constellation of Palestinian terrorist organizations that dominate Gaza, including vows to lash out with deadly reprisals.  Because, you see, killing terrorists actively plotting terrorist attacks is an outrage worthy of...more terrorism.  Here's a former aide to Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo placing these events in proper perspective:


Consider this clear description of reality as the usual suspects profess their outrage at Israel and chide the tiny Jewish state for a lack of 'proportionality.'  On one hand is a democratically-elected government of a pluralistic society (Netanyahu's chief rival and potential successor was briefed on the operation before it happened, and approved of it) defending its citizens against terrorists, taking pains to avoid unnecessary casualties.  On the other is a mini terrorist state, the leadership of which openly refuses to acknowledge their neighbor's right to exist and endlessly attempts to kill as many Jews as possible.  There is a right side and a wrong side in this struggle.  I'll leave you with an unsurprising update involving another Jew-hating regime in the neighborhood, which was coddled, empowered and rewarded during the Obama administration:

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has found uranium particles at a site in Iran that had not been declared by the Iranian authorities. A confidential report, seen by the BBC, did not say exactly where the site was. But inspectors are believed to have taken samples from a location in Tehran's Turquzabad district. That is the area where Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has alleged Iran had a "secret atomic warehouse". Iran has not responded to the report. But it has previously said the site was a carpet cleaning factory and served no clandestine purpose.


This comes on the heels of Iran limiting inspectors' access to nuclear facilities and barred a specific inspector from carrying out her work, on a flimsy pretext. It's almost as if the lying regime in Iran always cheats on agreements, lies incessantly, and should never be trusted.

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