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AP Photo/ Cheryl Senter

On some level, I could understand why the political chattering class went wild over this news: Michael Bloomberg is a big name, he has exceptionally deep pockets as a self-funder, and his potential/quasi-entry into the race is an intriguing indication of his assessment of the weakness of the existing field. On another level, however, I couldn't understand the hype. Bloomberg has no clear constituency within the Democratic electorate, which does not seem to be yearning to vote for...a New York billionaire. Bloomberg is fiscally sane in some key respects and has some good instincts on free speech issues, and his anti-gun, nanny-state liberalism on other fronts is relatively standard fare on the Left.

Like Allahpundit, I couldn't envision him parachuting into the race and catching fire, especially in light of the almost-comical misadventures of Tom Steyer. But times are weird, and one never knows. Perhaps my read on the situation will prove to be inaccurate, but early indications suggest that my theory of the case is fairly strong:

I'm not sure he actually runs, honestly,  Anyway, as you can see, Joe Biden is at the top of the heap, further cementing his 'national frontrunner' status, as tenuous as it may be. Also, notice Elizabeth Warren in third place in this survey. She's still in second place in the overall average, but take a look at her recent trend line. It would seem as though some Democratic voters have been spooked by her electability risks and her healthcare debacle. Warren continues to run hard to the left, announcing last week her openness to a suspension of (all?) deportations as president, in order to pressure Congress into passing an amnesty package:

Luckily for the Massachusetts leftist, her allies in the media keep spinning hard on her behalf, typified by this laughable "fact check" from left-leaning PolitiFact:

She has admitted this, yet this alleged fact-checker manages to find a path to "mostly false" when Republicans point it out. Extreme ideology, it seems, matters:

I'll leave you with this fundraising pitch from Warren, basically embracing her abrasiveness and attacking what she describes as a sexist double standard:


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