Here We Go: House Dem Vows Trump Impeachment Vote Before Christmas

Posted: Nov 09, 2017 10:25 AM

Yeah, he's a back-bencher with very little power to bring his wish-casting to fruition.  And yeah, he's been beating the impeachment drum for months at this point -- just check out his 'pinned' message on Twitter.  But showcasing this clip is worthwhile for a couple reasons: First, he's channeling the id of the newly-emboldened Democratic base, which is basking in the afterglow of Tuesday's loooooong-awaited cathartic electoral triumph.

Second, if Democrats win back the House next year, there's a good chance that a critical mass of Speaker-again Pelosi's caucus will demand impeachment hearings and votes, which their core voters so desperately want.  I doubt Democratic leadership is especially excited to talk about that (not terribly farfetched) scenario out loud, but Republicans sure might be.  Third, the victories Democrats are celebrating this week increase the seriousness of the possibility of Nancy regaining the gavel, as the Virginia House of Delegates results may well portend a very plausible scenario wherein Democrats net the 24 seats they need to take over control of Congress' lower chamber in the midterms.  So by all means, let's hear more about the "i-word," Congressman:

He loves his country, you see -- and if anyone doubts that, he helpfully asserts as much several times in the first few second of his speech; plus, would a non-patriot wear that tie?  And what, pray tell, is the criminal offense Rep. Green expects will compel a floor vote on articles of impeachment?  Robert Mueller is still doing his work, but he hasn't uncovered any presidential high crimes that we're aware of.  Green seems to believe that Trump's vague and general transgressions, which take the form of every "ism" under the sun, should be enough to do the trick: "I now announce that before Christmas, there will be a vote on the chief instigator of racism, bigotry, hatred, xenophobia, sexism, entho-centrism -- there will be a vote in the US House of Representatives, Mr. Speaker, on the impeachment of the president," he declared.

I hate to be the one to break it to him, but there will not.  If his party wins next year, however, the drums of impeachment will grow much louder -- especially if Mueller's probe strikes closer to the heart of the president's inner circle.  Not too long ago, some lefties were already declaring Trump guilty of obstruction of justice over Comey's firing (nope, based on what we know), so even if it's paper thin, they'll find a hook.  I'll leave you with a commercial running all over cable news, financed by and starring egomaniacal left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer (remember kids, some people's money in politics is just fine):

This is little more than a very expensive vanity project and email acquisition campaign (perhaps in advance of a future run for office), but Steyer understands the mood of the rabid Left.  And he's going full blowhard to appeal to them, building a list of 1.1 million followers, and counting.  Meanwhile, a lot of elected Democrats owe him a great debt of gratitude for his generosity over the years, so who's going to tell him to pipe down?  The GOP base was so fanatically opposed to Obama that they nominated a birther for president.  Democrats are hardly immune from insane partisanship-fueled conspiracies, so does anyone really see an anti-Trump impeachment push in a Democratic House as much of a stretch?  I'll leave you with Trump's very Trumpian response to Steyer's spot: