Video: Conservative British Prime Minister Scorches Socialist Opponent Ahead of National Elections

Posted: Apr 27, 2017 4:05 PM
Under the British parliamentary system, the ruling government can either wait for its five-year term to expire before standing for elections, or it can call "snap" elections sooner than the scheduled date. The latter maneuver is often exercised when the majority party believes itself to be in an electorally advantageous position. Suffice it to say that the sitting conservative government -- which currently holds 330 of 650 total seats in the House of Commons, surpassing second-place Labour's total by more than 100 -- is quite eager for another election:

Those are pretty eye-popping numbers, and they get even worse for Labour when Britons assess the leadership of Prime Minister May compared to the far-left and breathtakingly unpopular opposition leader:

Theresa May is more popular with voters than any leader since the late 1970s, a new poll shows as another reveals Jeremy Corbyn is more unpopular than ever. Almost two in every three voters (61 per cent) believe Mrs May would make the most capable Prime Minister compared with about one in four (23 per cent) who said Mr Corbyn. Mrs May’s score of 61 per cent is the highest recorded by the polling company Ipsos Mori since it started asking the question in 1979. Meanwhile, a separate poll conducted by YouGov shows that with just six weeks to go until June 8 Mr Corbyn has a net favourability rating of minus 42 - his all time low.

Brutal.  It's almost as if angry Labourites made a massive mistake in picking a radical to lead their party. No wonder Her Majesty's Tory government would like voters to make their choice sooner rather than later.  In a telling sign of potential political carnage to come, top members of the opposition see the writing on the wall and are heading for the exits:

Who’d be a Labour MP? Despite the best efforts of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Corbyn is going nowhere and, if the polls are to be believed, he’s leading Labour to electoral oblivion. A general election landslide is on the cards for the Tories, with some estimates suggesting the Government could boost its majority by more than 100 seats come June 8th. Much of this surge will it seems, inevitably, come at the expense of Labour MPs. And for some, the prospect of a snap election has led to them calling time on their Parliamentary careers. Here is the full list of the Labour MPs doing just that...

Click through for an expanding list of roughly a dozen Labour MP's who are simply walking away. Sensing momentum and a chance to go for the kill, May pressed her advantage by launching a scathing attack on Corbyn during 'Questions for the Prime Minister' this week. Regular readers may recall that she can go for the throat from time to time, and this is as muscular a take-down as you'll see. Corbyn can only shake his head, knowing deep down that she's right, and that voters agree:

The election has been scheduled for June 8th.

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