Video: And Now, A Special Message to Predictable, Self-Important Hollywood Celebrities

Posted: Jan 06, 2017 12:01 PM

Before you take in our latest creation, feel free to check out the (latest) video we are satirizing -- which may not even be necessary, to be quite honest.  Why?  Because it feels like the lefty glitterati has been making this exact same video, using the exact same tired format, for at least the last five election cycles. It's been especially bad this year, to the point that they've already been ridiculed for it.  Anyway, in case you could use a refresher, here are some famous and quasi-famous people broadcasting their "demands" to Congress. They are super serious, you guys:

With that as your baseline, please enjoy:

Special thanks to all of the participants, as well as Townhall video guru Leigh Wolf.