Watch: Hollywood Elitists Plead With Republican Electors To Block Trump

Posted: Dec 15, 2016 12:30 PM

This has got to stop. It’s becoming pathetic. Of all people to lobby to save the country from Trump, Hollywood is at the bottom of that list. But hey, these people are rich and they have time on their hands; it’s a toxic cocktail. These people mock Middle America. No, they hate rural America. They mocked Trump, his supporters, and now they’re left in the ruins of their preconceived notions about those who decisively beat Lady Macbeth in 30 states, which gave the president-elect a projected 306 electoral votes. He won. And now they’re freaking out. The Hamilton Electors, a group of rogue members who are trying to block Trump, were dealt a legal blow in Colorado, where a judge said that they had to vote for whoever won the state; 29 states have binding laws concerning the electoral college. So, the snobby Hollywood elite decided to make this nauseating ad that seeks to convince Republican electors to stop Trump.

This is akin to members of Everytown for Gun Safety trying to lobby the NRA on who should be their organization's next president. They're progressives telling members of the Right what to do. It's not going to work.

These people are part of the problem and partially explain why Clinton lost the 2016 election; they’re the dispatchers from the progressive bubble. But you see them on television—it’s going to work, right? Martin Sheen, James Cromwell, Debra Messing, B.D. Wong (the Asian doctor from Jurassic Park and the FBI psychologist from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit), Richard Schiff (Toby Zeigler from The West Wing), Moby and others are pleading with GOP electors to be American heroes and vote their conscience. In doing so, they will earn the respect from these fine lefties because they’re patriots or something. Right, like Hollywood is a bastion for patriots.

“I stand with you in support and solidarity with conservatives, independents, and liberals—and all citizens of the United States,” they say. Oh, I’m sure you do. Schiff notes that by voting their conscience they can give the House of Representatives the chance to select a qualified presidential candidate to replace Trump.

Okay—well, the House is Republican. The majority of the House delegations, who vote as a bloc, are Republican. Whichever candidate gets a majority of the delegations wins. You really think Republicans are going to risk political crucifixion by voting against Trump? The man won the primary. He got the nomination. There’s really not much to say he’s unqualified other than caving to liberal talking points about how he’s unqualified to be president.

So, I guess it’s good that these Hollywood liberals stepped outside the bubble to tell Republican electors (in most cases) to break the law and risk prosecution to block Trump, even though he won the election. And to once again tell the Rust Belt voter that they’re morons for picking the wrong person. They may not say it, but that’s probably how it’s going to come across to these people. Trump won the election. He’s going to be president. Even if enough electors break away—and this is all hypothetical—the House isn’t going to vote for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has forcefully said that he doesn’t want to be president. They’re also not going to abandon Trump. You’d have to be on bath salts to think this is actually going to work, especially when it's coming from the most insufferable liberals in the country: the Hollywood elite. This loose confederacy of morons needs to call it a day and recognize that sometimes in an election, your side loses. Clinton lost. Now, deal with it.