Conway: Unlike Men, I'll Have Plenty of Time to Do My WH Job Because I Don't Golf or Have Mistresses

Posted: Dec 22, 2016 4:05 PM

Following the announcement that winning campaign manager Kellyanne Conway will assume an influential White House role in the new administration, she got a little salty over Juan Williams questioning whether she'd have time to carry out her duties as the mother of four children. Dang:

One could argue that she's clapping back at a sexist premise against women by advancing sexist stereotypes about men -- and she does seem to gratuitously visit the "sexism" well from time to time -- but I think this was a decent comeback, given the circumstances. In any case, there's little doubt that Conway earned a significant role in the incoming administration. She took over a flailing campaign and pulled it back from the brink, instilling some discipline at a key juncture of the race. Others are also being rewarded for their personal steadfastness to their boss, as evidenced by Trump's White House communications team, three of whom were Trump loyalists from the very beginning. The one exception is newly-announced Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who will move over from his role as Communications Director at the RNC to fill that key role (joining his RNC colleague Reince Priebus at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave). Spicer is a tough, hard-working and sharp press flack who navigated the historically-complicated challenge of speaking for the GOP throughout the wild 2016 cycle with intensity and professionalism. That work earned him a high-profile promotion.  I'll leave you with this Spicer classic from over the summer.  Sometimes being a spokesman requires you to get...a bit creative, when confronting a particularly difficult news cycle:

UPDATE - Here's my discussion of Trump's latest picks on Fox this afternoon:

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