Sad! Alec Baldwin Reportedly Struggling to Cope With Election Results

Posted: Dec 07, 2016 4:05 PM

In the latest installment of our Make Schadenfreude Great Again! series, please taste the salty tears of ill-tempered Hollywood lefty Alec Baldwin -- most recently known for his extremely unflattering portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Trump was frequently depicted as a sure loser on the show, a predicted outcome that Baldwin clearly relished. But the Republican ticket prevailed in a major upset, and the actor sounds like he's struggling to cope with that new reality. Via Larry O'Connor:

“I’m glad people find it funny … but at the same time, I think people were very worried about the election,” Baldwin told Spanish-language HOLA! magazine, according to PEOPLE. “Both sides are very passionate so it’s been a very, very difficult time in this country. I haven’t felt like this in a long, long time. There are bad feelings on both sides, so to have the opportunity to give people a chance to talk and laugh about it is a good thing.”

In fairness, Baldwin strikes something of a bipartisan tone in that answer, which is certainly preferable to...this sort of thing. Trump himself isn't a big of the star's SNL impersonation of him, unsurprisingly, having voiced his displeasure on Twitter:

But Baldwin and other celebrities are just that -- people famous for acting. They're not journalists. That's why the editors of Time magazine probably had to grit their teeth hard in naming Trump the 2016 'person of the year,' which was the obvious choice. With a tip of the cap to a Twitter pal, check out this sequence of Time covers from the last five months:

Hey, that's still not as embarrassing as this, from Newsweek.  I'll leave you with this piping hot take from a Time columnist, suggesting that millions of Democrats refuse to pay taxes if another Republican is elected president despite losing the popular vote -- a total irrelevancy under our constitutional system, as discussed here.  The "taxation without representation" argument is also hilariously flawed, needless to say; plus, a Republican president would likely lower their taxes anyway.  In any case, so long as the Left is descending into farcical self-parody, we might as well get a laugh out of it:

"Resistance" through mass tax delinquency?  Lock them up!