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Video: Scarborough Loses it Laughing at Hillary's Hypocrisy on Accepting Election Results

I'll have a lengthier analysis of just how stupid this (now Clinton-blessed) recount errand is tomorrow morning, but for now, here's a fun segment from MSNBC's morning show in which co-host Joe Scarborough can barely contain himself as he mocks Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media for their breathtaking double standards on accepting settled election results. When Trump hedged on whether or not he'd honor the outcome at the final presidential debate, Clinton declared herself "horrified," and the media acted equally appalled. It was a foolish thing for him to say at the time, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, it seems as though some people's standards for outrage have suddenly shifted. The whole episode reminds me of how every Republican on stage at the first GOP primary debate raised their hands and agreed to support the eventual nominee -- except for Trump. The others all assumed he wouldn't endure and prevail in the end; when he did, they found themselves bound by a pledge they'd made during what seemed to be a trap question for Trump.


Same dynamic here: When Hillary solemnly agreed to abide by the election's result, Trump reserved the right to explore recounts and investigations, or whatever. People flipped out.  Clinton said Trump was "threatening our democracy."  Her fans were aghast.  And now she's betraying her above-the-fray, adult-in-the-room posture, which she only adopted when she assumed she'd win. Anyway, here's Scarborough in stitches:

Again, we'll have a more in-depth examination of the recount farce tomorrow. For now, I'll leave you with our panel ridiculing the same amusing double-standard on Hannity over the holiday weekend, via Right Sightings:

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