Watch: Dueling Documentaries About Clinton, Trump

Posted: Nov 04, 2016 4:25 PM

If you're looking for loads of content to fill the hours between now and Tuesday night, you might consider checking out one of several documentaries about the two major party nominees. Clinton, Inc. is a film based on Daniel Halper's bestselling book that traces the history of Bill and Hillary's 'power couple' dynamic, dating back decades. Its editorial bent is definitely slanted against the Clintons. (Disclosure: Yours truly makes a few appearances in the movie, commenting on the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's email scandal). Watch the trailer for full film, with more information available here:

Controversial conservative figure Dinesh D'Souza also produced an anti-Clinton film -- Hillary's America -- this year. Preview:

Finally, The Sociopath analyzes the rise of Donald Trump on the Republican scene from a decidedly anti-Trump perspective. It's made by 'Never Trump' conservative writer and filmmaker Ben Howe, and is available in its entirety on YouTube:

Reminder: If Hillary Clinton had her way, the government could censor the release of any of these films in the immediate lead-up to an election, if they were funded by corporate money. She is hostile to each of the first two amendments to the US constitution.