Analysis: What Happened During Today's Ugly 'Never Trump' Convention Floor Fight

Posted: Jul 18, 2016 6:55 PM

Upheaval and confusion reigned on the Republican National Convention floor this afternoon when the presiding chairman ruled that there would be no full roll call vote pertaining to the adoption of the confab's governing rules. Conservative opponents of Donald Trump said they'd secured signatures from the majorities of nine to eleven delegations, easily clearing the seven-delegation threshold required to trigger a convention-wide ballot. After vociferous protests from several GOP officials -- most notably Utah Sen. Mike Lee -- the chair vacated the podium for a span of several chaotic minutes. He returned with an explanation: A sufficient number of delegates from three states or territories had supposedly withdrawn their signatures from their roll-call-compelling petitions as to render the procedural move moot.

In other words, 'free the delegates' proponents allegedly no longer had the seven delegation majorities they needed to force a floor tally. A second voice vote was called on the adoption of the rules package adopted last week, and the 'ayes' were declared the winners. RNC and Trump officials have since offered incomplete information backing up this assertion, and have reportedly declined to provide any further details.  'Dump Trump' forces are alleging the the opaque system was rigged.  Here is video of how it all went down, followed by my analysis. The whole mess was over in less than 20 minutes:

Soon after some semblance of normalcy was finally restored, it was promptly violated again -- this time by an appalling "prayer" offered from the podium by a pastor.  This is awful, and Republicans would rightly go ballistic if a member of the clergy did the reverse at the DNC:

And then there's this:

Fact check: She sure did, and then some.