Brutal: New Ad Destroys Rubio's Likely Opponent Over Fabricated Accomplishments

Posted: Jun 28, 2016 5:15 PM

National Republicans are referring to Marco Rubio's likely Democratic Senate opponent in Florida "privileged Patrick."  But the problem with Congressman Patrick Murphy -- who overcame revelations that he was involved in a drunken altercation with police while in college to very narrowly win a redistricted House seat in 2012 -- isn't his wealthy background.  (I'd rather see the GOP go hard after Sen. Elizabeth Warren on "privilege" grounds, given the racial fraud she cynically perpetrated to further her career).  No, Murphy's problem is that he appears to be a serial liar and embellisher of his own paper-thin CV.  It seems he hasn't accomplished much on his own merits, so he's relied on his family's money to help bankroll political campaigns in which he boasts about things he hasn't actually done.  On the same day that Rubio announced his intention to seek re-election after all, a CBS News affiliate in the state ran an absolutely savage report exposing numerous fabricated elements of Murphy's resume:

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has now turned the investigative piece's lowlights into a hard-hitting attack ad:

The Democrat is flailing and denying, angrily contending that the original report is full of inaccuracies -- but a Miami Herald fact-check shows that unlike Murphy's fairly tale biography, CBS 4's journalism stands up under scrutiny.  On a lighter but also hilarious note, Murphy surrendered the game-winning base hit in the GOP's walk-off Congressional baseball game victory last week.  As Republican fans serenaded him with chants of "Mar-co Rub-i-o," Murphy lost the game for his party's team, snapping Democrats' extended winning streak in the series:

Snark! Get your snark here:

If Murphy's fabulist history pushes him out of the race or cost him the primary, Rubio may face crazy Alan Grayson, whom even Harry Reid detests.

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