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So, uh, this is happening Whoa:


Details, via ABC News:

The new WMUR/CNN poll out this afternoon shows the Vermont lawmaker with a whopping 27-point lead over the former Secretary of State -- 60-33 percent. That’s a climb of 10 percentage points for Sanders since mid-December and a drop of 7 points for Clinton. It marks Sanders’ highest support and widest lead in any poll in any state so far. His popularity in the state is also sky-high, earning a 91 percent favorability rating among Democrats there. The shift comes despite the Clinton campaign waging an all-out blitz on the Granite State since the New Year.

First of all, the next time you encounter one of those thumb-sucking lefty columns bemoaning how "extreme" the awful Republicans have become, kindly recall that America's Democrats are falling head-over-heels for an unreformed Socialist who angrily rants about "the revolution" at campaign rallies and has proposed nearly $20 trillion in new taxes.  So far.  (While you're at it, also recall that Hillary Clinton has 
come out in favor of taxpayer-funded late-term abortion, which large majorities of Americans -- women especially -- oppose).  Bill Clinton could not win his increasingly radical party's nomination these days. He's far too moderate. Just ask Hillary Clinton 7.0, or whatever operating system we're on at this point.  As for the new poll and Hillary's negative trajectory overall, I generally agree with this:

Despite the DNC's transparent efforts, and their hapless chairwoman's hilarious lies about it, it appears that the Democratic nominating contest will not be the wire-to-wire coronation Hillary was banking on.  The fact that Sanders seems to be pulling away from Clinton in New Hampshire despite what ABC News describes as "an all-out blitz" from her campaign in that state must be a worrisome sign.  A Wall Street Journal
editorial today says, "it's no longer possible to imagine the 74-year-old Socialist as the Democratic nominee." The editors cite a recent poll showing Sanders beating Donald Trump by 15 points, warning readers that the frumpy Vermonter ought to be taken seriously. Meanwhile, NBC News lays out Hillary's "nightmare scenario:"

I'll leave you with this:

Quite a complaint coming from a woman who's been attacking Sanders from the right on healthcare, correctly pointing out that his untenable, bureaucracy-empowering socialized healthcare scheme would unravel (untenable, bureaucracy-empowering) Obamacare and would require enormous tax increases on all Americans to finance.

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