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Happy Thanksgiving week, conservatives:


Rubio's up eight, Jeb's up six, Trump and Carson are up five, Cruz is up four, and Christie's up three. Fiorina is tied with Hillary, at 42 percent apiece. The sample is R+1 -- perhaps a bit generous -- but Hillary's fundamentals remain terrible, including a dead-last (38/58) 'honest and trustworthy' score among the field.  And it's entirely plausible that more Americans are identifying as Republicans in the wake of the Paris attacks, especially as Democrats weirdly channel their energies toward sanitizing the threat of radical Islam and pushing an unpopular refugee policy, while accusing skeptics of un-American bigotry.  Why, based on these data points from the new scientific, nonpartisan nationwide survey, it's almost as if the Democratic Party is intent on solidifying a reputation of perilously naive weakness on national security and defense:


No wonder President Setback has been so cranky and demagogic lately (his overall approval rating slumps to 40/54 in this poll).  His policies have failed, and Americans know it.  His indignant blamestorming has been utterly unconvincing on substance, even among many Democrats.  The administration claims the facts are on their side regarding refugee vetting.  But they're not pounding the facts; they're impotently pounding the table.  Take another look at the "radical Islam" numbers above, then marvel at the breathtaking tone-deafness of this new DNC ad:

Every single Republican candidate featured in the spot rightfully goes out of his way to employ "radical" or "extreme" qualifiers.  The Bush comments presented as a "rebuttal" simply hammer home the painfully obvious point that radical Islam shouldn't be lazily conflated with Islam itself.  Also, as Allahpundit notes, the notion that Bush never used the term "radical Islam" because it would "incite fear" is, um, incorrect.  What a mind-blowingly stupid ad.  Republicans should urge the Democrats to run it 24/7.  On the Guantanamo issue, in addition to lopsided sentiment against closing the facility -- especially through an illegal power play -- nearly seven-in-ten voters also say they'd oppose relocating any of Gitmo's dangerous jihadi detainees from the secure facility in Cuba to their home state.  This may explain why Congressional Democrats have repeatedly helped Republicans block Obama's efforts to close the prison, yet the White House 
remains obsessed with doing so.  Will Obama defy the will of Congress, heavy public opinion, and the legal conclusion of his own Attorney General?

Some indicators suggest Obama is planning subvert the law anyway, and he's setting the stage for it by releasing and transferring hardcore terrorists to other countries.  I'll leave you with the latest from Team Smart Power, which informed Americans that "jayvee" ISIS was "contained" just before Paris, and that Al Qaeda was "neutralized" right before Mali (ahem):

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