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Video: "The YouTube Video was a Non-Event in Libya"

Here is the biggest pull-quote so far from today's hearings, via Amb. Stevens' second-in-command, Gregory Hicks:

"The YouTube video was a non-event in Libya."  This simple statement of fact explicitly and forcefully contradicts the White House's dishonest "online video" spin, which was repeated ad nauseam by numerous high-ranking administration officials and certain members of the media.  The president's hand-picked spokesperson on the matter -- UN Ambassador Susan Rice -- told the American people on the Sunday after the attack that the raid was the "direct result of a heinous and offensive video."  The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes obtained the original and revised talking points last week; the documents leave little doubt that the White House and State Department wanted to white-wash the clear terrorism angle.  Hicks told the committee that he found Rice's comments on national television "stunning" and "embarrassing."  When he sent his objections up the food chain at State, he was subjected to a "blistering attack" and was "effectively demoted."  Hicks also testified today that he personally informed Sec. Clinton by phone that the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under terrorist attack in the opening minutes of the incident.  Days later, she stood next to the flag-draped coffins of the fallen and blamed the raid on an "awful internet video."


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