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New Romney Ads Go Positive, Negative

One spot offers a positive look at Romney's economic plan, the other renders a negative verdict on President Obama's results in office:


Under this president, Americans are experiencing dramatically lower household incomes (with that number dropping faster during Obama's 'recovery' than during the recession itself) and out-of-control deficits and debt:


I'm not wild about the whiff of protectionism in the first ad, but I suspect it's geared toward voters in -- oh, I don't know -- a crucial state where Romney needs to make up some ground.  And given the Obama stimulus misadventure, I'm also wary of the specificity of the "jobs created" promise, even though it's heavily qualified.  The second ad is outstanding.  Obama has nowhere to hide on his reckless record on the national debt.  His rhetoric before taking office, his pledge upon taking office, and his catastrophic record all contribute to a glaring vulnerability.  Team Romney shouldn't relent.

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