Smart: Romney Campaign Launches Bain-Themed

Posted: Aug 30, 2012 4:30 PM

"Why won't Romney talk about Bain?!" liberals often bleat, hoping to draw the Republican presidential nominee into a bizarro-world discussion of his private sector career.  For all the screeching about Paul Ryan's "lies" last night (in addition to my piece, here are two helpful fact checks), it's the Obama campaign that spent tens of millions on attack ads that repeated thoroughly debunked lies about Romney's tenure at Bain.  The infamous "Mitt killed a woman" ad also relied on a verifiably false timeline connected to Bain, to say nothing of the other wrong and offensive implications in the spot.  As Mitt Romney introduces himself to tens of millions of voters tonight, he'll discuss his life experience.  This will surely include an exploration of his extremely successful leadership at Bain Capital.  Anticipating another ferocious and dishonest Bain demagoguery push by Democrats, Team Romney has unveiled a new microsite dedicated to highlighting some of the former CEO's most high profile business triumphs, which represented the large bulk of Romney's investments.  The site is called, a play on Bill Clinton's appraisal of Romney's career creating wealth and jobs in the private sector.  It features sections on businesses Romney built, saved, and grew -- each of which has video testimonials from employees and executives.  Here are two examples; one from Staples, the other from Wesley Jessen, a contact lens manufacturer:

Hold The Damn Vote Already
Derek Hunter


Mitt Romney helped create -- on net -- tens of thousands of jobs during a marvelous private sector career.  President Obama's job creation plan is to raise taxes on job creators and borrow money for a second stimulus.