BREAKING: Mitt Romney Formally Nominated at GOP Convention

Guy Benson
Posted: Aug 28, 2012 5:35 PM

TAMPA, FL - It's finally a done deal.  After months of being described as the "presumptive" Republican presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is now officially his party's standard-bearer heading into the fall election.  Moments ago, GOP convention delegates completed the tedious process of nominating Romney, cheering as they completed their task.  The candidate will accept the nomination in a speech on Thursday night.  This moment has been inevitable for quite some time and therefore feels like a mere formality -- but it's also a significant strategic moment.  Under election law, the Romney campaign is now free to tap into its flush general election coffers, which they've been filling for months.  Romney and the Republican National Committee now enjoy a substantial cash advantage over President Obama and the DNC.  Team Obama alone spent $120 million over the summer attacking Romney in a bid to bury him early.  They failed, and now Romney is able to open the floodgates to respond in kind with general election funds.