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There those evil Republicans go again, cynically questioning others' patriotism for political gain.  Especially around Independence Day.  How crass.  Except...the RNC was only quoting a certain sitting president:


Obama contended that Bush's $4 trillion in debt (admittedly far too high) over eight years was "unpatriotic."  Now that he's eclipsed the $5 trillion mark in less than a single term, how would Obama characterize his own record?  Oh, who am I kidding?  He'd blame Bush.  But President Bush isn't responsible for ushering through a widely unpopular new healthcare power grab, piled atop the existing teetering entitlement regime.  The 44th president's unanimously defeated budgets explode the long term debt while offering no solutions.  Welcome to the new Obama Patriotism.  Happy Fourth!

UPDATE - The Romney campaign churns out another infographic, this time taking Obama to task on the wide canyon between his promises on unemployment and today's degenerating reality:

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