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Video: Feisty Wisconsin Focus Group Argues Over Recall

This clip should tide you over for awhile as you await the results from Wisconsin, where polls close at 9pm ET.  Watch as a panel of roughly two dozen Badger State voters aggressively spar over today's recall election, Governor Walker's reforms, and the path ahead (via our colleague Greg Hengler):



It seems as though Walker supporters formed a majority among this group, although a few squeaky liberal wheels certainly had their say.  Quote of the exchange, on the possible lessons to be drawn if Walker wins: "I think that's going to send a message that unions are losing their importance and productivity in America right now...they had their place once, they don't really any more.  And in a private [sector] position, that might be possible, but in [the public sector] it's not."  Based on stray Twitter reports, voter turnout is exceptionally high across the state of today, with some jurisdictions expected to rival or even surpass presidential election percentages.  I'll leave you with two items.  First, David Axelrod pre-spinning a Barrett loss with whiny complaints about Walker's spending advantage:

@DavidAxelrod: Remarkable that Walker has outspent Barrett by better than eight-to-one yet today's race is still filled with suspense.

This coming from a guy whose boss spent 'Jobless Friday' hobnobbing at six fundraisers.  Hey David, you do know that Democrats insisted on this whole recall bonanza, right?  Finally, the stage is being set -- literally -- for Walker's post-election speech:


Will this rostrum be surrounded by throngs of cheering supporters later this evening, or will a shocked and morose crowd witness Walker's swan song?  T-minus four hours, and counting...

UPDATE - The White House: This election means nothing! Nothing!

A race where one side is outspending the other by a ratio of at least 8 to 1 probably won't tell us much about a future race," press secretary Jay Carney said. "I know the president is aware of the election. I think he's got some other responsibilities," Carney said. "I know that he's not following it minute by minute..."

UPDATE II - Here's my Wisconsin take on Live earlier today:

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