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Because if there's one thing the New York Times and CBS News are known for, it's slanting polls to favor Republicans, right?  Here's The One's Deputy Campaign Manager spinning the numbers on MSNBC:


As I outlined in my earlier post, the D+6 sample of registered (as opposed to likely) voters should actually augment Obama's standing in this survey.  Political stats maven Sean Trende agrees with me on this point, suggesting that a better sample could add to Romney's advantage.  But Cutter's argument in this clip doesn't even address the top line figure.  She's asserting that the poll sample was so biased that people should ignore even the gargantuan majority that said the president's gay marriage decision was politically-motivated.  In essence, "never mind that 43-point margin, Chuck.  The poll stinks."  Okay then.  Jim Geragthy also found this little performance from Cutter a tad perplexing:

On MSNBC, Chuck Todd just asked Obama’s deputy campaign manager, Stephanie Cutter, if the DNC – controlled by Obama, remember – would be sending financial assistance to Tom Barrett, Wisconsin Democrats, and other folks hoping to unseat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in next month’s recall. “I have no idea,” she said repeatedly. She emphasized that the campaign would be trying to mobilize volunteers and other non-financial means of helping Democrats in that state.


Jim correctly notes that Cutter obviously knows whether the Obama-controlled DNC will be spending money on the Wisconsin recall fight, so let's face it:  Her de facto answer here is "no."  This is the latest instance of national Democrats running away from the Badger State brouhaha, perhaps signaling that Scott Walker is in pretty good shape.

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