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Townhall TV: Discussing Fast & Furious, 2012 on Fox News

Live from New York, it's Townhall television!  Katie was up early for Fox & Friends this morning, where she discussed her brand new book, which is rocketing up's bestseller list.  The scandal she documents and the allegations she levels against the Obama administration are explosive.  Watch the segment, then follow the link and buy the book:


A bit later on, I appeared with Megyn Kelly and Democrat strategist Tara Dowdell to break down the RNC "excuses" ad we covered here yesterday.  Unsurprisingly, Dowdell tried valiantly to turn the discussion to Mitt Romney and President Bush -- attacking the former, and blaming the latter -- but I really don't think that's going to fly with independents.  The problem for Team Obama, is that the president actively sought and attained the tough job he now holds, making countless lofty promises along the way.  As I state repeatedly in the clip below, holding this president to the standards he established for himself is a strong, effective, and completely fair election strategy for the GOP to pursue:

My Hot Air colleague Tina Korbe and I dropped by Fox Business Network last night to weigh in a series of hot political topics, including million-dollar Obama SuperPAC donor Bill Maher's remarks about Ann Romney.  Watch here:


Meanwhile, our own Elisabeth Meinecke just wrapped up a Your World with Neil Cavuto segment, and Katie is pulling double duty on Hannity's panel tonight at around 9:45pm ET....check your local listings.

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