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Well, then:

Perhaps if Democrat Kathy Hochul -- who partially relied on Mediscare to win her seat -- bothered to look at our binding founding document, she'd discover something called the "free exercise clause" of the First Amendment.  I do believe it may have some application here.  I love the audible shock that ripples through the upstate New York crowd when their elected representative informs them that "the Congress" isn't especially interested in what the Constitution has to say on certain "aspects" of its sundry decrees.  She goes on to pay lip service to religious freedom, suggesting that HHS' extremely narrow exemptions to the mandate are sufficient.  Under this interpretation, the fact that "the decision has been made by this Congress than Americans are entitled to healthcare" renders conscience objections from religious institutions and individuals obsolete.  This flies in the face of the Constitution's plain text, of course, as the Supreme Court just recently held in a unanimous ruling.  In all fairness, Hochul isn't the first elected Democrat to openly dismiss or scoff at constitutional concerns regarding Obamacare's mandates:


At least some other Democrats have attempted to pretend to care, even if it's meant inventing constitutional clauses out of whole cloth.  No wonder the law is so very popular.

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