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LIVE OPEN THREAD: The South Carolina Debate

It's that time again, political junkies!  Yes, again.  Tonight's tilt airs at 9pm Eastern on Fox News.  If you somehow miss this not-so-rare opportunity to scratch your GOP debate itch, let not your heart be troubled: There's another one on Thursday.  Then another, one week from tonight, followed by yet another round next Wednesday.  Plus, our own Katie Pavlich will post a full recap here on The Tipsheet after the event concludes.  How will Mitt Romney handle the inevitable flurry of Bain questions?  Will a single 'Not Romney' prevail and position himself as the alternative to the frontrunner?  How will a less-crowded stage (five candidates remain) shift the dynamic, if at all?  Will viewers learn anything that hasn't been covered in the previous 800 debates?  You know the drill: Tune in, follow the Townhall/Hot Air editorial team's running analysis below, and contribute your thoughts in the comments section:


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