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I've never been much of a fan of funnyman and former Man Show co-host Adam Carolla, but this is good stuff.  Two fair warnings: First, the language is very salty.  Earmuffs.  Second, I don't entirely agree with every element of Carolla's rant, but that doesn't make it any less epic.  More thoughts below. Via Breitbart TV, enjoy:


A couple of minor quibbles:  I think Carolla is a little harsh towards my generation -- "millenials," as his producer identifies us.  I'll readily admit that far too many of my peers display a me-first, because I'm entitled and special mindset (and I can't say I'm always immune to it), but I'm not sure it's a generational problem.  It's a worldview problem.  The politics of envy didn't just materialize out of nowhere 20 years ago.  The Left has stirred that pot for eons, seeking to pit class against class with the end goal of accumulating as much redistributive power as possible.  The 'Occupy' crowd isn't just made up of twentysomethings; there are plenty of 1960s retreads and garden-variety Lefties of all ages hanging out at those encampments.   So it's not about age -- it's about a pernicious attitude, and the Left has been aggressively inculcating that attitude in public schools and elsewhere for many years.  If you don't think it's a right vs. left thing, wake up.  This whole phenomenon is driven by political correctness and a perverse notion of "fairness."  These are predominantly Left-wing tropes. 


I also must dissent from Carolla's point about radical Islam.  Surely some Islamists are driven by the shame of failure and inter-civilizational resentment.  But many are not.  Osama bin Laden was born into an ultra-rich family.  He could have lived the Western high life if he'd wanted to.  Terrorist attacks have been plotted and carried out by doctors.  Pace Carolla, quite a lot of radical Islamism is about religion -- so I think that expansion of his point missed the mark.  Again, minor quibbles in the scheme of things.  The thrust of his point was spot-on, and just listening to the segment proved somewhat therapeutic, for me at least.  This is America.  We work hard and celebrate earned success.  We don't slack, blame others, and channel our envy by demanding a slice of the pie someone else worked to make.

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