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Townhall Exclusive: The Invisible President

In my post-mortem of the "Super Committee," I opined that Congressional Democrats bear most of the responsibility for the colossal failure.  It's worth noting, though, that it was only after the final nail had been driven into place that President Obama emerged from his undisclosed leadership location to perform a disingenuous victory dance on the resulting wreckage.  Now Townhall has been granted an exclusive first look at a new web video from the Republican National Committee, which exposes Obama's latest abdication of responsibility as the cynical, self-interested political calculation that it is:


What makes this web ad especially effective is its exclusive reliance on criticism from Democrats and mainstream media figures.  In essence, Republicans are saying, "This president is a failure who shrinks in the face of real challenges -- but don't take our word for it."  The two clips at the very end also underscore a point we've been making for some time: President Obama is not interested in the difficult task of leading the country and making tough choices.  President Obama is interested in retaining his title for four more years, at all costs.

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