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Sick: Sandusky Abuse Victim Bullied Out of High School by Paterno Loyalists

It's hard to comprehend how dizzyingly twisted some people's priorities can become.  This stunning manifestation of moral perversion is, above all else, deeply depressing (via JWF):


Victim One, the first known alleged victim of abuse by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, had to leave his school in the middle of his senior year because of bullying, his counselor said Sunday.  Officials at Central Mountain High School in Clinton County weren’t providing guidance for fellow students, who were reacting badly about Joe Paterno’s firing and blaming the 17-year-old, said Mike Gillum, the psychologist helping his family. Those officials were unavailable for comment this weekend. The name-calling and verbal threats were just too much, he said. Other alleged victims are turning to each other for support, since they fear others will out them and cause a media swarm. The only encouragement for Victim One, Gillum said, is watching other alleged victims come forward because they felt empowered by his courage.

The alleged serial child rapist, meanwhile, remains free on unsecured bond -- thanks to an apparently sympathetic (!) judge -- and is merrily going about his daily life:

Victim One had to change schools. Joe Paterno was in hiding. Mike McQueary was getting death threats. And Jerry Sandusky appeared jolly, smiling and greeting people in Penn State clothing as he shopped at stores and worked out at the the Sandusky neighborhood, media have figured out that Sandusky is out and about, playing with his dog in his yard or driving to local stores.


JWF is probably correct that Sandusky is a sociopath; we therefore almost expect shockingly depraved behavior from him.  For the life of me, though, I cannot even begin to understand the thought process of these high school students, whose misplaced sense of loyalty to a legendary (and disgraced) sports figure has prodded them to torment a peer who suffered unspeakable violations.  This goes far beyond sports, and cannot simply be written off as youthful indiscretions.  A societal sickness has taken root in central Pennsylvania -- a sickess, I fear, that could be transplanted virtually anywhere, under the "right" circumstances.

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