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President Obama heads West today with some new executive orders and a new slogan: "We can't wait." Obama plans to argue that he is taking action on such items as housing and education while Republicans in Congress block his $447 billion jobs plan. "We can't wait for Congress to act, so we're going to take the steps that we can take," said White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer.


I suspect conservatives will have some fun with this motto, which is almost as inane as "Yes We Can."  Fox's Monica Crowley kicks things off:

Who's the genius who came up with that one? The jokes write themselves. We Can't Wait for 2012! We Can't Wait for the end of his economic reign of terror! We Can't Wait for the economy to begin to rebound! We Can't Wait for America to be respected and yes, feared, again! We Can't Wait for the skinny socialist to get booted out of office! We Can't Wait for the return of America!

The RNC is getting its shots in, too:

Republicans have again co-opted an Obama administration slogan to mock the president.  On Monday, the GOP used Obama's #WeCantWait hashtag to criticize Democrats for the state of the economy.  "#WeCantWait to make @BarackObama a one-term president," tweeted Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) used the #WeCantWait tag to criticize Senate Democrats for not taking up House-passed jobs bills. He tweeted, "#WeCantWait for Senate Democrats to approve more than a dozen House-passed bills #4jobs."

That tweet came shortly after Boehner tweeted that Republicans were eager to work with the president and Senate Democrats to come to agreement. Boehner tweeted, "#WeCantWait for POTUS & Democrats to work with Republicans to find common ground #4jobs."  Other Republican lawmakers joined Boehner's efforts on Twitter to encourage Senate Democrats to take up the measures. On Monday afternoon, Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) tweeted, " #WeCantWait for the Senate to pass the #Forgotten15 jobs bills passed by the House #4jobs"


With due respect to the official GOP establishment, I'd wager that Townhall readers can do better.  What can't we wait for, America?

UPDATE - Herman Cain tweets a pretty solid entry:

until President Obama has to start looking for a job himself... then he'll finally get it

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