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Video: Occupy Wall Street Protester Demands Free Tuition Because "That's What I Want"

Selfish, myopic ignorance on parade:

Notice how this dullard's only justification for his ludicrous demand is an invocation of his first amendment rights. Of course he can say anything he pleases, but his explanation for why he's saying it -- and why faceless, "greedy" others should comply with his wishes -- is non-existent.  Pathetic.  I'll leave you with footage of  a bunch of idiotic Occupy San Franciscans getting arrested for blocking access to a bank for "stealing our money:"


According to Reuters, police forces across the country should expect a lot more of these disruptions in the coming days:

Protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement threatened on Thursday to block any efforts by clean-up crews to enter their camp to clear away three-weeks worth of debris, raising concern about a potential showdown between demonstrators and police.  While New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said their protests can continue as long as laws are obeyed, the city has become concerned over the build-up of trash and general wear and tear on Zuccotti Park, headquarters for the demonstrators.  Bloomberg visited protesters at the park on Wednesday night and informed them it would be cleaned by work crews on Friday, a move demonstrators said was a ploy to permanently drive them from their camp about five blocks from City Hall in lower Manhattan.

Parting thought: Who else is sort of rooting for a freak blizzard to hit New York?

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