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Our own Katie Pavlich is down in Tampa covering tonight's festivities, but the rest of us will be covering the debate from our couches.  Will this exchange feature a showdown over Social Security?  Since last week's tussle at the Reagan Library, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann (!) have attacked -- or at least questioned -- Rick Perry's basically accurate description of the popular entitlement program as a "monstrous lie" and a "Ponzi scheme."  Intriguingly,  Romney and Bachmann have each denounced the unsustainability of the program using similarly harsh terms in the past, so this discussion could get interesting.  Perry, who is coming off an uneven debate debut, is claiming the truth-teller mantle in a USA Today Op/Ed, and will have a very special guest in the audience tonight.  Rumor has it that the vast majority of questions will focus on economic issues, apropos the debate's Tea Party tie-in.  Follow the Townhall/Hot Air editorial team's tweets below, and add your instant analysis in the comments section:



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