Video: The Week In Blog!

Guy Benson
Posted: Aug 28, 2011 12:00 PM

I was privileged to appear as the right-leaning host of Bloggingheads TV's The Week In Blog "diavlog" on Friday.  The hour-long discussion bounced from topic to topic, including Libya, President Obama's vacation, "patriotism," the economy, the 2012 Republican field, and -- of course -- the east coast earthquake.  The liberal interlocutor you'll see  is Bill Scher of Liberal Oasis, a friendly and fairly docile chap.  As usual, it was a stimulating and enjoyable exchange:

In the final ten minutes or so, our discussion turns to Vice President Biden's remarks (and subsequent "clarification") in China about that country's abominable one-child policy.  Bill and I disagree on what Biden should, or should not, have said, but several of the lefty commenters at Bloggingheads TV took it a step further, and defended the Chinese policy.  Click through to see the comments.