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Who could possibly quarrel with the Voice of God, who befriended Andy Dufresne on the inside, and who tricks out the new Batmobile fleet with cutting-edge gadgets?  Well, 53 percent of adults, for starters:


When President Obama jumped on the back nine of the celebrity-clogged Vineyard Golf Club course on Sunday, he ran into none other than Morgan Freeman, Oscar winner and Obama backer...The deeply wired Boston Globe, invaluable for Vineyard gossip, caught up with Freeman at an event later in the day.  “What I wanted to tell him is to get pissed off, get fighting mad,” the actor told the paper. “But I know he won’t because he doesn’t think it’s politically smart.”  On Obama’s chances for reelection, Freeman added, “If I could vote for him 1,000 times, I would.

“I think he’s been horribly sandbagged, and it makes me so angry,” he said.

I'm curious about how, exactly, this president has been "sandbagged," in Freeman's estimation.  I suspect he can't relate to the millions of Americans who see the inverse as reality -- that Obama's the one doing the sandbagging.  And if Freeman really yearns to vote for Obama 1,000 times, may I proffer an unsolicited word of advice?  Move to Chicago.


Oh, what's the use?  I can't stay even mildly irritated with Morgan Freeman for more than a minute or two.

UPDATE - Katie directs me to this clip of Freeman on 60 Minutes.  A refreshing take on race relations:

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