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Of Course: Olbermann Calls on Allen West to Resign, DCCC Now Fundraising off of Blow-up -- West: "She's Not a Victim"

The Left is fighting mad over Col. Allen West's scathing letter to habitual liar and demagogue Debbie Wasserman Schutz.  Television Glorified cable access personality Keith Olbermann is especially livid, telling his theoretical "viewers" that West should resign for being a "jackass."  Olbermann also asserts that West, a decorated 20-year Army veteran, is not "loyal and steadfast" to the United States, democracy, or sanity.  New show, same classy Keith:


Ever eager to capitalize on "outrages" like this, the DCCC has blasted out a fundraising email excoriating Col. West for his pique.  These wingnuts are totally out of control, so give us your money:

Guy -

Last night, Republican Rep. Allen West sent a disgraceful e-mail outburst to one of our most accomplished colleagues in the House, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, telling her to “shut the heck up” for daring to challenge the GOP plan to gut Medicare and Social Security to pay for tax cuts for billionaires.  I wish I could say I was surprised.  Unfortunately, this is exactly the sort of partisan tantrum we're used to from House Republicans as they push our economy to the brink of disaster while pandering to their Tea Party base.

We can't let this shameful display go unanswered. Contribute $3 or more right now to help us defeat disgraceful Republicans like Allen West in 2012. My Democratic colleagues are so appalled that they’ve agreed to match all gifts today dollar-for-dollar up to our $100,000 goal.

Democrats are circling the wagons, labeling West a dishonorable bully, and casting Wasserman Schultz as a helpless victim.  West -- who, according to science -- has more honor and integrity than the entire Democratic caucus combined, is having none of it:


"I've been called Uncle Tom, sellout, an Oreo. It's not about Allen West. So once again, it's very interesting to me that we continually allow liberals to do whatever they want in attacking conservatives but all of a sudden, when a conservative stands up and says enough, then people want to sit back especially liberals want to play victim. She's not a victim. She's been attacking Allen West for quite some time," Rep. Allen West (R-FL) told FOX News.

Army strong.

UPDATE:  DWS fired back on (where else?) MSNBC, suggesting that West "cracked under the pressure" of "ending Medicare."  Facepalm.  She also -- accurately, but derisively and patronizingly -- refers to West as "my constitutent:"

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