Hillary to Libya War Skeptics: Just Whose Side Are You On, Anyway?

Posted: Jun 24, 2011 10:24 AM

Oh my:

During a trip to Jamaica, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dismissed fears of a quagmire and said the mission should not be abandoned now.  Clinton said the Libyan opposition has made "very clear progress" in its political organization, as well as in its fight against forces loyal to Gadhafi.

"But the bottom line is, whose side are you on?" she said to reporters. "Are you on Gadhafi's side or are you on the side of the aspirations of the Libyan people and the international coalition that has been created to support them?  For the Obama administration, the answer to that question is very easy."

A pair of funding votes on the, um, "non-hostilities" is scheduled in the House today.  Incidentally, does Secretary Clinton recall liberals' paranoid shrieking when conservatives supposedly "questioned their patriotism" for objecting to a (Congress-sanctioned) military endeavor undertaken by a Republican president?  If not, I know of someone who might help remind her:

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