Bad News: Paul Ryan Murders Defenseless Old Lady, Just For Kicks

Posted: May 18, 2011 5:27 PM

A new online ad from a left-wing outfit called the "Agenda Project" simply must be seen to be believed. Scaretastic:

"Is America beautiful without Medicare?"

The bad news:  That faceless, soulless, dark-suited Paul Ryan character totally just deposited a kindly grandma-type off the edge of a cliff for absolutely no reason.  Dude, what the hell?

The good news: Not a single person on the planet will be persuaded by this spot.  It's so over-the-top (even its snide video description cheaply dismisses Ryan as a "pretty boy"), and so divorced from serious debate that I don't even have to point out that under Ryan's plan, current and soon-to-be seniors are totally unaffected.  Nor do I need to mention that by maintaining the unsustainable status quo, the very entitlement program this ad holds up as a (the?) source of American greatness will (figuratively) drop off a cliff in 2024.  Or that the president's alternative reform "plan" is to immediately surrender even more unchecked rationing authority to a panel of unelected government bureaucrats tasked with slashing Medicare beyond the $500 Billion in cuts already scheduled to fund Obamacare.  Or that Ryan's plan provides future seniors with substantial premium subsidies (more than $18,000 per year by 2030), enabling them to choose from an array of private, competing plans.  No, the fine folks at the Agenda Project were considerate enough to produce an ad so thoroughly sub-moronic that the usual requisite fact-checking process needn't apply.  Thanks, guys.

UPDATE - This isn't the Agenda Project's entree into our national discussion.  No, sir.  They're also responsible for another chock-full-o-nance video charmingly entitled, "F*** Tea."  Oh, and in case you were scouring the internet for evidence that -- like so many insufferable lefties -- Agenda Projecters possess zero self-awareness...jackpot:

The Agenda Project’s goal is to build a powerful, intelligent, well-connected political movement capable of identifying and advancing rational, effective ideas in the public debate and in so doing ensure our country’s enduring success.

Between out-dated political parties, self-interested multi-national corporations, and ineffectual elected officials, good values and common sense have lost their power in the public debate.  Our goal is to return normal Americans to the center of the policy debate by cultivating an understanding of public policy, facilitating common action, and connecting the best ideas and the strongest leaders with engaged citizens, elected officials, the media, political insiders, and experts through a variety of in-person and on-line platforms.

UPDATE II - Granny ain't scared. Seniors favor the Ryan plan.