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Finally: Video Evidence of 'Tea Party' Violence Emerges

The Left has been pushing the tired, baseless meme of dangerous tea party violence for years now, yet actual evidence of said violence has proven elusive.  Until now.  A Tea Party* Congressional candidate lashed out at a tracker yesterday, and the senseless brutality was caught on tape:

See, these wingnuts really are prone to violent outbursts!  I mean, did you see how Mr. Tea Party* muttered something about "punching out" the (really annoying) tracker before hitting him?  National Republican leaders must immediately apologize for, and condemn, this behavior -- and take full responsibility for the heated right-wing rhetoric that is poisoning our civil discourse.  New tone, etc.  

So who is this agitated far-right crank, you ask?  Why, it's partisan Democrat and *fake 'Tea Party' candidate Jack Davis, of course!  (The man sure has a temper).

What a duplicitous double-dip of political subterfuge by Democrats:  They can decry the Tea Party rage they've always imagined, while resting assured in the knowledge that the culprit is actually one of their own, who's dutifully sabotaging the real conservative candidate in a close election.

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